Tips for selecting the right contractor


Finding the right contractor for the job requires a bit of homework, but it is worth the time invested. You can save time, energy, frustration and money by doing a little homework before you make your selection. Many factors go into choosing a contracting company so it helps to develop a set of specifications so that fair comparisons can be made.

Here are some tips to choosing the right roofing contractors:

Check job references – Don’t just look at a list – call each reference.

Check bank references – Do some research to verify the financial stability of the companies to save trouble later.

Visit their job site – Watch them replace or repair a roof. Take note of their workmanship and professionalism. Do they provide a safe workplace for their employees and the property owners? Do they respect the property at the job site?

Verify insurance – Get proof of current general liability insurance. Don’t just take the contractors word. Ask to see a copy of their insurance.

Verify bonding – Get proof of current bonding. Don’t just take the contractors word. Ask to see a copy to their bond. The contractor should be bonded for more than the amount of your total job.

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