The smart homeowner's go-to guide for roofing and restoration complications:
How To Protect Your Home And Bank Account In Times Of Crisis
Shed some light over those complicated and tangled topics that make being a homeowner just another stressful full-time job

Understanding insurance policies, depreciation, filing claims, Actual Cash Value and other complex subjects has never been easier
In this FREE guide from Chandler Roofing and Restoration, all of those intimidating topics are carefully explained so they can finally feel approachable to homeowners. Even a novice could become a mastermind with these 12 short chapters!
Inside this guide you'll discover step-by-step processes and formulas to help you calculate the most important figures in mere seconds.

Here are the topics the FREE guide covers:
  • Chapter 1: How to Use This Book
  •  Chapter 2: Homeowners and Property Insurance
  •  Chapter 3: Depreciation Explained
  •  Chapter 4: Seven Ways to Save and Protect Yourself
  •  Chapter 5: How to File an Insurance Claim?
  •  Chapter 6: What to Expect When Filing a Claim?
  •  Chapter 7: Do I Need a Professional Inspection?
  •  Chapter 8: Insurance Claim Process 101
  •  Chapter 9: Things Property Owners Should Know
  •  Chapter 10: Purpose of Settlements
  •  Chapter 11: True or False?
  •  Chapter 12: Recommendations
Now's the time to protect your Home and your bank account
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